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Megumi from Shizuoka prefecture

Competition history
From 3 years old to junior high school students attend swimming schools in Shizuoka prefecture

Belonging to the volleyball club in junior high school club activities Best 8 junior high school general athletic meet
Fuji / Fujinomiya District Tournament Winner Shizuoka Prefecture Eastern District Tournament Runner-up

After adulthood
2018 Masters Swimming Asian Games 100m Butterfly 5th place etc. Winner of Masters Swimming Tournament etc.

Teaching history Part-time job at a swimming school when I was a student Currently, as a swimming instructor, I teach from children to adults based on one-on-one (I was impressed when my 80-year-old grandma learned butterfly!)

✿ Has a track record of teaching children with intractable diseases, lower body paralysis, severe intellectual disabilities, autism, hearing loss, etc.

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